Violent robberies up 40 percent in California Bay Area

Citizens call for crack down on armed holdups

In addition to these high-profile cases during the 24 hours, there was a taco truck holdup in San Francisco's Mission District, an armed holdup in downtown Oakland at 11th Street and Broadway and two other strong-arm robberies in Oakland.

"We get so many of these cases, we just get buried," said Police Sgt. Larry Krupp, who heads Oakland's robbery unit.

But for the robbery victims, the experience can be life-shattering.

Terri, one of the women accosted by the purse snatchers in the Marina on July 30, said the most frightening thing was that this happened in broad daylight in one of the safest neighborhoods in San Francisco. Yet no one came to her aid as she screamed and struggled with her attacker.

"As a single woman living in the city, I always thought if I screamed loud enough somebody would come and help me," said Terri, who asked that her last name not be used because she fears retribution from the two suspects who are facing robbery charges.

"But the reality is nobody is going to come. It made me see the city in a whole different light."