Securitas Systems now officially Niscayah

Following a decision at the company’s Annual General Meeting in April, Securitas Systems announced on Monday that their name has now officially changed to Niscayah.

In a previous SIW article, Juan Vallejo, the company’s CEO and president said the rebranding just made good business sense, especially in light of the confusion with the guard services provider, Securitas.

"The new name Niscayah will make us more distinctive in relation to our customers," said Vallejo. "The business opportunities will thereby increase. We will find it easier to describe our business concept, business model and our offering. Consequently a change of name is good for business."

Niscayah, which translates in Sanskrit to "secure and reliable," is now registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Company will, as of May 13, be found on OMX Nordic Exchange (mid cap) in Stockholm under the name Niscayah Group AB (publ.) and with the ticker NISC B.