DynaPel renamed as Nio Security

Birmingham, England -- DynaPel Systems, a Norwegian firm known for unique surveillance products including integrated multi-camera units, person tracking, image stabilization and other video analytics, announced today at the IFSEC 2008 security tradeshow in Birmingham, England, that the company has been renamed Nio Security.

According to Jonathan Hirschon, principal of Horizon Communications, an outside marketing firm which is assisting the company in the rebranding, the decision to make the name change has really been driven in the last month as the company looked to unify the Dynapel brand with that of Tempest Microsystems. Those two firms were merged in August 2007.

Pal Fevang, CEO and president of Nio said the renaming of Dynapel as Nio was part of starting "new worldwide marketing activities" for the firm.

Also at IFSEC, the company showcased the new third generation of its EyeMax camera system, a dome-style camera that incorporates up to four fixed day/night cameras which can be mounted in a 360-degree configuration with an additional PTZ camera mounted below the four-camera configuration. Part of the uniqueness of the EyeMax 3 is that it uses the company's CloseView video tracking technology to detect and track motion, and then can automatically direct the PTZ camera to focus and zoom in on the particular area of interest, providing detail on subjects such as faces or vehicle license plates.

The merged DynaPel-Tempest line under the Nio name includes the EyeMax cameras, the company's SteadyEye units (analog camera image stabilization and correction systems), digital video recorders, and smart cameras with the company's AI (artificial intelligence) systems.

Along with the announcement of the new corporate name, which is based upon the names of the guardian statues often found outside Buddhist temples, Nio also took its named website live; the site is at www.niosec.com. Nio Security has U.S. offices in Bokeelia, Fla.