Police seek changes in Fontana alarm ordinance

Police officials in Fontana, Calif., are asking the city council to make several big changes to its current alarm ordinance to make alarm companies bear the brunt of responsibility for responding to false alarm calls.

Among the proposed changes include:

• Prohibiting residents and businesses from using alarms that automatically dial the police department.
• Requiring that audible alarms cease ringing within 10 minutes.
• And, give the city the authority to revoke or suspend alarm business permits under certain circumstances.

According to a published report, Fontana’s police chief, Rod Jones, had asked the council to pass the new ordinance this week making the changes effective immediately, but upon hearing from several alarm companies, the council decided to follow the standard adoption procedures.

The Fontana Police Department has already switched to a verified response policy in an effort to reduce the number of false calls its officers respond to.