CSAA issues draft standard on video verification

The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) has released a new draft of its standard for video verification procedures. The CS-V-02 verification standards are designed for using video surveillance to verify burglar alarms, and the draft was under review earlier this month.

While comments were due by Dec. 7, the draft standard is still available online as a Microsoft Word document. Among the highlights of this draft is the section on how and when to use available video to confirm or deny a burglar alarm. In the draft, the CSAA writes:

"Video information shall be combined with cross-zoning, audio methods, or verification calls to the premise to identify personnel or zone patterns that may verify that no emergency exists.

"Video information does not need to be considered in the case when an alternative method of verifying that no emergency is present supersedes the viewing of the video, such as if the initial contact with the protected premise finds authorized personnel at the premises and/or the person states that no emergency exists.

"Video information will be reviewed by the monitoring facility prior to initiating a Notification Call if no other approved alternative method can verify that an emergency does not exist."

Download the full video verification draft standard. CSAA standards are designed to suggest professional models of operation for central station operations.