CCTV Imports adds home audio products line

CCTV Imports, a manufacturer/distributor of security camera systems along with other various security products has announced that they will now be carrying Zon Digital Audio Products.

According to a statement issued by CCTV Imports, the company expanded their inventory to include these products for those installers who want to offer their customers the option of incorporating this high-end audio equipment, which features such things as ceiling and wall speakers, as well as door bell modules, into their homes.

"CCTV Imports strives to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of our installers," said Kevin Lazaroe, President and CEO of CCTV Imports. "For many of our local customers, CCTV is their niche product, so we figured why not carry their main product as well, home and audio equipment. We can easily do this with our Zon line. These products are high-end, but at a low cost."

CCTV Imports is a manufacturer/distributor of complete security camera systems, DVR's, biometrics and whole house digital audio equipment. Supplying the CCTV industry for over 10 years, CCTV Imports was recently listed as one of the top ten fastest-growing local companies. Offices are located on both the east Louisiana and west California coasts, along with a factory overseas.