Proximex ties in with NEC's servers

Physical security information management (PSIM) company Proximex is partnering with NEC Corporation. The two firms announced an agreement whereby Proximex's PSIM solution, Surveillint, would be combined with NEC's Express 5800/320Fc fault tolerant servers or the NEC Express Cluster products.

The solution takes advantage of NEC's solutions for high-availability data. The company's fault tolerant servers are designed to provide sub-second recovery without loss of memory in the case of hardware failures, and the ExpressCluster does similar work using x86 servers, though it does not make the data available as quickly as the 5800/320Fc products. The company still promises data recovery within minutes.

The Proximex solution is used for combining incoming data from security systems to give an overall picture of security incidents; it's often used in command and control environments and is designed around high-impact security users like airports and enterprise security operations, where sharing information among different security levels and sectors is also important.