VoIP Wiretapping Widespread, Warns Security Firm

Firm points to lax security on company phones, new tools for hackers that simplify breaches

The electronic gold rush associated with VoIP means "companies eager to tap into its ROI without fully considering the security risks stemming from weaknesses in VoIP applications, operating systems, and structure and supporting services spells a huge opportunity for hackers," says David Endler, director of security research at 3Com. Cisco Systems has sold millions of VoIP phones, and research firm Gartner predicts that in four years, 30 per cent of US homes will use only VoIP or cellular phones. It is unsurprising that security is left playing catch-up.

"The problem lies in the session-initiation protocol, the leading signalling protocol for VoIP," Chris Rouland of ISS security explains."SIP is similar to HTTP and SMTP; it's lightweight and easy to use. It's basically taking the world by storm, and it's inherently no more secure than existing protocols that have been completely taken over."

The sooner businesses can protect themselves and their customers from the threat of having their VoIP calls intercepted the better, because, as Gregory Lebovitz, technical director and solutions architect at Juniper Networks points out, there's nothing stopping them from running riot at the moment.

"No anti-intrusion or firewall currently supports all VoIP protocols and technologies," said Lebovitz, "and if they claim to, they're lying."

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