Recruiting at the College Campus for Alarm Sales

Utah security company goes after Gen Y'ers in college to sell door-to-door

After two weeks, the operation was shut down and the couple had to move to Minneapolis to try again. After two weeks there, Pinnacle told him they had no job for him. Spencer Hancock and his wife eventually moved in with his parents in California for the summer.

Hancock said he doubted he would try it again.

"It seems like more of a gimmick," he said.

However, experiences like Hancock's are rare. Only two offices out of 38 were shut down last year, and none of the 16 offices the year before. Despite the risks, Pinnacle hopes to continue to expand. They have small offices in Pocatello; St. George, Utah; Arizona; and Texas; among others.

"Our ultimate goal," Chappell said, "would be to have facilities like (the one in Rexburg) in all of these places."

About Pinnacle

Pinnacle has roughly 1,500 employees, the majority of whom are students at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, or BYU-Idaho.

During summer 2006, Pinnacle ran 37 offices across the country, with about 500 starting sales reps. In 2007, they plan to have about 70 offices with 1,500 total sales reps.