Researchers Create New Design for Low-Distortion Wide-Angle Camera Lens

South Korean researches create 'practical' lens with a 151-degree field of view

"One possible application is to use the lens as an ingredient of intelligent security systems. In this scenario, the new catadioptric lens would capture a large swath of space, and a camera with "pan-tilt" ability would zoom in on the region of interest (ROI), such as the location of an intruder. This can be more effective than a multitude of cameras watching their respective ROIs," Kweon said.

"When this lens is installed on a ceiling, the room is captured in a perspectively correct manner. In other words, the captured image is a scaled version of the room. Therefore it is easier to estimate distances and object sizes, and it can help home robots to effectively navigate the room," he added.

The findings appear in the December issue of Applied Optics, a publication of the Optical Society of America.

Published by HT Media Ltd. with permission from Asian News International.