Surveillance System Integrates Sensors for Water Agencies

PureTech's platform moves through tests at water facility, designed to detect perimeter intrusions

The system can be linked to fence intrusion systems, such as Southwest Microwave's Intrepid Micropoint. It pinpoints intrusions on the GIS map and integrates with the automated camera features to automatically position one or more cameras to look at a point of intrusion.

Scalable Video Distribution--

A single operating picture provided by the GIS enables centralizedaccess to all video camera feeds from multiple sites, eliminating the need for operators to determine which remote server to access to view live or recorded video. Operators simply click on the camera located on the map that they need to view.

The system distributes video using standard IP networking protocols. This allows operators to view video using any device that has an IP network connection, including browser enabled and hand held computers.

Video Authentication--

To ensure that recorded video is unaltered, a state-of-the-art algorithm is used to generate a secure digital signature for every frameof video. The feature also allows for the video to be admissible in court proceedings.

Automated Security Policy Response--

The system incorporates an automated response feature that allows security managers to configure the system to execute their policies including first responder instructions and automated responses to particular events. This assures that the security operator and any systemthat is integrated takes the proper course of action.

The alarm notification feature allows security mangers to define acontact hierarchy. If personnel or systems that are contacted are unresponsive, the alarm escalates up the hierarchy until the alarm is properly acknowledged. In addition, the system can be configured to take specific actions such as turn lights on or off, lock doors or gates, sound an audible alarm, dial 911, place a synthesized voice call to a cell phone or run a user developed program.

Open Architecture--

The PureActiv system is designed to be integrated with other systems. It also includes a centralized graphic network configuration toolwhich can be used to configure the operation of the entire system from any desk top location.

For more information on the system, and how a wide area surveillance system might be used to protect water infrastructure, visit the PureTech website. A white paper is available at: www.puretechsystems. com/html/whitepaper.htm