Illinois town passes mandatory video surveillance ordinance

The town of Collinsville, Ill., is turning to video surveillance camera systems in its quest to cut back on violent crimes. The town passed an ordinance this week that requires some business that are open through the night -- gas stations and convenience stores, primarily -- to install video surveillance systems.

According to a report in the Collinsville Herald, part of the concern was over violent crime. The ordinance was passed by the town's council on Monday, and requires those business open from 10 p.m. at night until 8 a.m. to have a 24-hour digital video surveillance system installed by 2010.

Once the ordinance is in effect by 2010, businesses could be fined up to an amount of $750 if they didn't have a camera system. Police would have the right to inspect the businesses' video systems.

Collinsville is in western Illinois, across the river, some 15 miles from St. Louis, Mo.