New Office and Retail Project Planned for Jupiter, Fla.

Part of project would include research offices for biotech firms

- Zoning and land use. The property is zoned for commercial and residential uses. The town council would have to rezone the land to allow the development.

- Traffic. The current plan shows entry on Yancy Avenue and Carver Avenue. The town council must determine whether Indiantown Road can handle the increased traffic. Current plans call for no entry or exit on Center Street or Indiantown Road.

Land bought under $17 million bond

Delaware Scrub: 16 acres on the north side of Indiantown Road, between Delaware Boulevard and Jones Creek. $7 million.

Jones Creek: 1.5 acres just south of Delaware Scrub. $1.4 million

Witta site, also called Nelson property: Three acres at Center Street and Indiantown Road, bordering Sims Creek. $2.5 million.