Savannah surveillance project uses IP video

Network video management company OnSSI reports that their IP-based surveillance system was selected for use in Savannah, Ga., supporting a municipal surveillance project there. Other vendors in the project included Axis and Tropos.

The project in Savannah uses cameras to expand the local law enforcement presence, and runs on a Tropos Networks wireless MESH system for connectivity. The system is useful for general crime surveillance, but also for crowd control, and OnSSI says the system is helping to reduce police response times.

OnSSI's NetDVMS software is used to manage all the video coming into the control room, and the firm's "NetSwitcher" system allows for switching video to different screens, networked PCs or to the video wall.

OnSSI's President and CTO Gadi Piran called the Savannah project "a very successful and positive implementation of a public video surveillance system."

Design for the system came from systems integrator NetMethods, who selected Tropos for the wireless communications, OnSSI for video management, and Axis Communications' IP cameras.