Security Integrator to Distribute Teenager Repellent

There was quite some buzz in 2006 about the Mosquito Ultrasonic Teenager Deterrent Device, owing largely for its ability to a "teenager repellent." Now, it seems, that device is making its way into the security arena.

North American Video, a security systems integrator with offices strategically positioned near gaming areas, has signed on to distribute the "Kids Be Gone" device, which is manufactured by Compound Security Systems out of the UK.

The device, though not tested by (we have no teenagers on staff), reportedly works by emitting a sonic frequency that only the youthful ear can hear. After a few minutes of the noise -- which adults can't hear because of natural dulling of our hearing -- the sound supposedly annoys teenagers, who tend to leave the area. According to the manufacturer, there are no safety issues with the device, which can cover about 50 feet.

NAV will be distributing the product, and notes that the company is actively seeking dealers for the Kids Be Gone System.