Missile Defense Expert Available Regarding Poland, US Agreement of Basing 10 United States Ground Based Missile Defense Intercep

WASHINGTON and WARSAW, Poland , Aug. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Riki Ellison , President and Founder of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance and an internationally recognized expert on missile defense, will be available for telephone and personal interviews on the historic signing of the missile defense agreement by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice between the United States and Poland on the following dates and times.

Riki Ellison has been working on Missile Defense for more than 25 years and has been involved with the GBI site in Poland for the past two years, visiting the capital of Poland , Warsaw and the 10 Missile Defense Interceptor Site Location at Redzikowo near Slupska, Poland three separate visits in the past 6 months.

Mr. Ellison was one of the first American delegations to visit the actual site in Poland . He has met with Polish government officials at the local and federal levels to include the foreign ministry and defense ministry as well as elected Polish officials. Mr. Ellison has also meet with the US State Department, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, and many members of Congress on the missile site in Poland . He has great insight and he understands the context for the upcoming activities surrounding the agreement and the missile defense site at Redzikowo.

Mr. Ellison is a nationally-recognized spokesman on a broad range of missile defense topics in the United States , Europe , Asia and Middle East . He has been quoted widely in newspapers, web sites, on radio and television and in many prestigious journals worldwide. His MDAA website is located at www.missiledefenseadvocacy.org

This is a great opportunity to interview an expert who will be in Warsaw when Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice signs the agreement on deploying our ground-based interceptors in Poland . He will also be at the base where the missiles are being deployed two days later, and can describe the facility, the reaction of the local population and the military concerns.

Mr. Ellison is a telephone call away at 571 213-3328, or call Mike Terrill at 602 885-1955 to arrange a personal interview on an historic agreement between the United States and Poland .

SOURCE Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance