Police Chiefs Association Urges Support for New Alarm Panel Standard

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has passed a resolution that encourages local ordinance writing authorities such as city and county councils to adopt a new standard for alarm control panels.

The organization, which has been heavily lobbied by the alarm and security industry, is urging counties and cities to adopt ordinances what would require the SIA CP-01 standard for panels. The CP-01 panel standard has been touted as reducing false dispatches, though the standard has not yet been heavily adopted across the manufacturing community.

The CP-01 design standard would require panels to "cover event recognition, information handling sequences, as well as provisions for system layout testing", according to SIAC, an alarm industry group in favor of the new standard. According to SIAC, the new standard also would require installers to use specific programming and testing procedures.

"The CP-01 standard has proven to be successful in reducing false dispatches," said SIAC's executive director Stan Martin, in an announcement supporting the new standards. "Now we just need to get more people to adopt it. Support from the IACP shows this is not just an alarm industry initiative. Both the alarm and law enforcement industries want to reduce false dispatches and we know this is one of the best ways to do it.”

Martin added that, "In addition to proper user training, it's the best long-term solution to reducing user error."

SIAC has a copy of the IACP resolution and information on the CP-01 standards available from its website at www.siacinc.org.