Bizarre surveillance: CCTV targets dog owners

Blackpool, UK -- Council chiefs are to use CCTV cameras to catch dog owners putting children's health at risk.

Residents caught allowing their dogs to foul outside schools are being told they could face a Ł50 fine.

The stark warning was issued after The Gazette reported that pupils at Anchorsholme Primary School are having to dodge a large amount of dog mess as they make their way to school every day.

Tony Williams and Michael Jebson, ward councillors for Anchorsholme, warned "anyone who is too lazy to clean up after their pet and has no regard for children's health and safety, had better beware."

Coun Tony Williams added: "Michael and I are well aware of this disgusting problem.

"We are arranging to have mobile CCTV cameras focussed on to problem spots so that we can identify the culprits and have summons issued.

"Those failing to clean up will be issued with a Ł50 fixed penalty notices and non-payers taken to court. Our dog wardens will be more vigilant and pay more visits to the area around the school."

Residents are also being urged to report any incidents of dog fouling to the council.

Coun Williams added: "This is a disgraceful and totally unnecessary practice. Irresponsible dog owners, who allow their dogs to foul the footpath without cleaning up after them, can be certain that they will be caught and prosecuted."

The problem has been highlighted by Graeme Dow, headteacher at Anchorsholme, and Rev Lindsay Pettigrew, of Anchorsholme Methodist Church, on North Drive.

Mr Dow said: "Children's health and safety is at risk because of irresponsible people.

"We have 600 children here. It's a worry. Children have been known to go blind after falling in dog mess."

Rev Pettigrew added: "It's not pleasant and it's dangerous. There is no avoiding it. I'd like to ask people to be vigilant."

Both Coun Williams and Coun Jebson have children or grandchildren who attend the Eastpines Drive School.

Coun Williams added: "To allow a dog to foul any footpath, especially outside a school used by children, including my own grandchildren and Coun Jebson's sons, is totally unacceptable."