Mobile Phones as Security Device?

The ubiquitous mobile phone might be the next handy security device for Filipinos in the next few years.

And based on the entries submitted by local university students to the 3rd SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards of Smart Communications, Inc., the mobile phone of the future could be used not only to protect the subscriber, but also his home or his car.

From the 58 entries submitted by 17 SWEEP partner schools, ten entries were short-listed for final judging in March next year.

One entry from Bulacan State University called Smart Lock InterCom would allow one to lock or unlock any device using the mobile phone. And with the 3G service on, the mobile phone owner can also receive a video to view it as it happens.

Another entry from Bulacan State called Smart PhoneGuard is wireless application against phone theft. With this installed, the phone signal can be blocked even if the SIM card has been changed or lock the inbox and memory card of the phone to protect the owner's files.

e-Spy is the third entry from Bulacan State. This is a wireless security system that allows a person to secure a property using laser and monitor it using a mobile phone through 3G or a PC connected to the Internet.

An entry from FEATI University, dubbed as the Early Natural Disaster Warning and Prevention System, can send images of disaster-prone areas using a base station that is connected to a mobile phone.

3S-Smart Safety Assistance from Ateneo de Manila University is an application that allows a person on the road to get information such as traffic congestion through his mobile phone so that the driver will know whether the route he will take is the safest and most efficient.

SMART Car from Systems Plus College Foundation is a device that can turn off the car's engine, activate its alarm system and send an SMS to the vehicle owner and authorities to protect against robbery.

SMART House, also from Systems Plus, gives homeowners protection against intrusion. The micro controller unit in the handset can activate the alarm, lighting and sound system in the house, including a written report via texting.

Vehicle Emergency Locator from Ateneo de Davao University is a communications medium designed for vehicular emergencies. It uses the airbag system to trigger the mobile phone to send a message to some of the contacts of subscribers in case of emergency.

The Simcard Interface Security Access from Adamson University can monitor the entry of people in the room through the use of the phone's SIM [subscriber identification module] card.

GRACE 2007 of New Era University can control electronic equipment using SMS.

First prize will get P500,000, while second and third prize winners will get P300,000 and P150,000, respectively.