Hospital Incident in Maine Leads to Arrest

An Old Town woman was arrested in Bangor after a report that she threatened to kill another woman at Acadia Hospital on Monday.

Police reports state that an outpatient at Acadia Hospital notified police that Marion Anderson, 24, recently had begun making threats to her well-being. On Monday, the victim stated, Anderson approached her in the hallway at the hospital, slapped her repeatedly on the back and threatened to kill her. A witness confirmed her report.

A few hours later, Anderson went to the police station and told police that she previously had "a problem" with the victim, but that there was no longer an issue between them. She said that she patted the victim on the back and did not threaten her. Anderson brought another woman with her who she said was there with her at the time of the incident and confirmed Anderson's story.

Police later received a call from the victim stating that Anderson and another woman were out in the parking lot of Acadia Hospital, waiting for her to leave and telling people in the parking lot that they intended to kill her. When police arrived they witnessed Anderson drive away from the hospital.

According to police reports, they stopped her vehicle on Stillwater Avenue and asked her what had happened. Anderson told police that she was at the hospital to give a friend a ride, but left when asked to leave the property. She said she had a friend who could confirm her story.

Bangor police spoke to another witness that afternoon who confirmed the earlier assault. At that time they discovered that Anderson was also out on bail.

Anderson was arrested for violation of bail conditions, based on the totality of the situation. She was charged with assault, criminal threatening, and violation of conditional release and taken to Penobscot County Jail.