Envysion launches channel partner program

Envysion, a provider of video management services such as Web hosting of surveillance video, announced this week that they are starting a partner program for those who decide to add the company's services to their product offerings.

Potential business partners can participate in the program in one of four ways including, integrated technology partner, referral partner, sales partner, and resale partner.

"What we're looking for are partners that have a suite of services that would be complemented by a managed video as a service offering," said Envysion Director of Channel Partners Jeff Gannon. "What we're typically seeing are companies already in the security space that are already doing video and are looking for a managed video platform to take their DVR solution to the next level. We're also entertaining broadband service providers and managed service providers and those also who do point of sale. It gives them another arrow in their quiver to extend their offerings and deepen their solution to their customer base."

ADCom, a national reseller and network integrator has already signed on to be part of the Envysion Partner Program.

According to Bruce Dawson, executive vice president of Envysion, there are several benefits for companies who join the dealer program.

"It's providing a very unique and material solution to (the partner's) customers, one that's going to have a direct impact on (that customer's) profitability in terms of reducing loss due to shrinkage, improving operations, improving marketing effectiveness," he said "Bringing that to the table for a customer when you're maybe a point of sale provider or security provider or even a broadband provider, again it just broadens that overall customer solution they can offer."

Gannon added that the program would also provide its partners with a recurring revenue stream and strengthens their relationships with their customers.

To learn more about the partner program, visit www.envysion.com.