Researchers: Remote video monitoring ready to grow

IMS Research, one of a number of research firms offering projections for growth in the security industry, has released a report which indicates good times ahead for companies that can deliver remote video monitoring solutions.

The researchers forecasted 20 percent per year growth for remote video monitoring in Europe over the next five years, and predicted very similar growth in North America. The research report called video monitoring "the fastest growing market in the remote monitoring industry."

Remote video surveillance monitoring is being explored in a number of different avenues. Some companies are aligning for the idea of monitoring video upon signals from an intrusion alarm, as for alarm verification. However, IMS says the market is expanding beyond that one application into remote guard tours. IMS also said that remote video is being considered for staff protection and bodyguard systems.

Report author Niall Jenkins said that in the UK, where video surveillance is very common, the security integrators had already begun to embrace remote video monitoring.

"In mainland Europe, integrators in France and Germany are expected to follow suit as their rigorous video surveillance regulations are relaxed, to combat the modern threats to public and private properties,” added Jenkins.

IMS Research reports can be obtained from the research company, online at