Malls around Fort Worth boost security

FORT WORTH, Texas -- The mall shooting in Omaha, Neb., has caused many to rethink mall security.

North Texas mall officials said to expect an increase in the number of police officers and security guards.

Town East Mall in Mesquite has begun using high-resolution cameras to monitor the mall and help police track people who commit crimes. The cameras are so precise that operators can read license plates and give accurate descriptions.

"If anything goes wrong, which I hope doesn't, but if it does, now I'll be able to track the bad guys before they even get off the lot or out of our city," a security official.

Other malls will use skytowers and extra patrollers.

“During the holidays, when we have so much traffic, we have a greater presence, just because of the number of people walking through here,” Parks at Arlington’s Cindy Thompson said.

Police urged shoppers to protect themselves. They recommend being aware of surroundings and keeping valuables covered or in the trunk.

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