RST to collaborate with UK-based systems integrator

The client is a supplier of end-to-end wireless infrastructure solutions, offering a broad product portfolio, which includes power amplifier products, antenna, base station, and coverage systems. Remote Surveillance Technologies (RST) will be instrumental in the design, configuration, and commissioning of video, access control, and intrusion systems for the company's facility in Shipley. The enterprise level system will allow the corporate command center in California to remotely monitor video, access, and intrusion alarms and administer the access control system for its operation in the UK. This design, when implemented at their Shipley facility, and others around the world, will allow the company to globally manage all their security needs from a central location, in order to maximize security and efficiency.

Michael Cummings, CEO of RST, said: "Taking the burden from the shoulders of our clients, in implementing consistent security measures throughout their world-wide facilities, and providing them access to all security data at a central location, is a service and process in which we take great pride."