GE Focuses on School Security with Partnership Program

GE Security is among the myriad of vendors working on school security. The company announced today that it is working to create "strategic security plans"; those strategic plans (which focus on investments in security technology) have been announced by schools in Lynn, Mass., Manatee County, Fla., and by the Scottsdale Unified School District, Ariz.

Dr. Raymond Lauk is serving as leader of GE Security’s education partnership program, and says the partnership program encourages the schools in "leveraging advanced security technologies" as they form their security plan. Lauk said the investment in technologies -- in addition to updating the security plan -- can keep schools ready for the future.

GE mentions that the program is showing schools how technologies like video surveillance, access control and visitor management can fit in with planning on security and safety response programs. In the case of Lynn, Mass., the Thurgood Marshall Middle School adopted those technologies as part of its overall security plan.