VidSys and OnSSI partner

VidSys, a provider of situation management platforms, is partnering with IP-based video management systems provider OnSSI. The partnership will allow the OnSSI IP video surveillance management system to integrate with VidSys VidShield situation management software. It means the integration of the video data with other sensors, traditional analog camera feeds, access control and other security system devices.

Gadi Paran, president and CTO of OnSSI, said the partnership synchronized with an overall paradigm shift in the security industry as complex systems are networked together to provide better situational awareness.

"The security industry is clearly migrating to a networked platform and the implementation of more highly integrated solutions on a software-driven platform," said Piran in an announcement of the partnership. "Our partnering with VidSys provides users and system designers with the ability to integrate formerly disparate legacy security systems on a common control platform with a high degree of interoperability."

The partnership agreement also means that OnSSI is joining the VidSys Interoperability Partner (VIP) program, a program that aids the firms in sharing technologies.