Western University in Pomona, Calif., Plans Expansion

Two new buildings planned for Pomona campus

The growth of the university will benefit the city in other ways, Mayor Norma Torres said.

The university's professional programs bring the city attention, she said, and pointed to its veterinary medicine program, which is one of only two in the state.

"The status that brings to the city of Pomona is beyond what we can do on our own," Torres said.

Along with Cal Poly Pomona and other academic institutions, Western University is part of a group of local educational assets that must be capitalized on, she said.

Pomona can say it is home to artists and art organizations, but it can also say it has significant educational institutions within its city limits, Torres said.

Students use few city resources, yet they make significant contributions by going into the community and participating in things such as mobile clinics, she said.

"We gain a lot more from them than they do from us," Torres said.