Mary Wells' New Novel, 'Forbidden Destiny: Contemporary Poetry and Prose of Subtle Southern Terror' Set Amid Foreshadows of an U

HOUSTON , Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- What happens when a young adult has the audacity to search for a twin, unscrupulous conglomerates eagerly seize a city, and avaricious dominance of life spans is more powerful than human rights to life, liberty, security, the pursuit of economic stability, and a nation's economic infrastructure?

Mary Wells answers these questions in perhaps the timeliest exemplification thus far of art imitating life. Wells has written a new novel narrating systematic conspiracies, astute genetic booby traps, clever technological terror, and an undeclared holocaust. 'Forbidden Destiny: Contemporary Poetry and Prose of Subtle Southern Terror' (BookSurge Publishing, ISBN 1-4196-9571-1, $12.99), is scheduled for release on August 13, 2008 , a cautionary tale that doesn't seem far fetched in today's world of sporadic insurrections. (

Aiesha a French descendant living in southern Louisiana relocated to the Lone Star State to escape keen submission into economic slavery. Her twin vanished from the Infirmary at birth. She contacted organizations to assist with the search, but to no avail. After launching a search while in Houston , she stumbled upon audacious conglomerates draped with fire-and-brimstones of virulent terror and technological warfare. As virulent terror intensified, she contacted the Reagan and Bush Administration for assistance to avert horrors of a silent holocaust. She also contacted other agencies for support with dreadful crimes against humanity. As Texas terror reigns with devious death traps, and crimes against humanity, she ascertains that not only was her destiny forbidden, but destinies of Many were doomed as well.

Worldly-wise citizens are aware of systematic genocides, and mass exterminations. The rise of Information and Technological Revolutions, and the Genome Project, if left unscrupulously managed, could once again subject the world to wraths of unrestrained conglomerates with objectives to cleverly shorten life spans by ruthlessly executing savvy decimations.

Although 'Forbidden Destiny: Contemporary Poetry and Prose of Subtle Southern Terror' is realistic fiction, some of the characters are real people whose names have been changed (some have not) to protect the innocent, and some of the events really did occur.

About the Author

Mary Wells studied creative writing at University of Houston while obtaining an undergrad degree in the Humanities Department. She obtained a Master of Arts degree at PVAMU. She enjoys writing poetry, and delights in expressing her views of the world as it evolves. She composes text with a poised language expressing rhythm, feelings, spirits, and emotional affect that form prudence of literature of a particular time, city, and region of the world. She operates an online gift shop at

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