North Dakota State implements new access control system

North Dakota State University, located in Fargo, ND, is an undergraduate and graduate institution with an enrollment of approximately 12,527 students. The 258-acre main campus has 90 major buildings.

Recently, North Dakota State began a phased implementation of a new access system that will manage access to more than 200 doors. The university chose CBORD's CS Access product to replace the existing access system. CS Access is a flexible, IP-based door access control system. It works with a comprehensive line of intelligent control panels and dual technology readers. Its powerful privilege management capabilities allow schools to track and configure door access, and even tie the software to integrated alarms management and surveillance solutions.

Along with CS Access, North Dakota State also chose to implement CBORD's CS Action and Response Management software. Together, these solutions not only control facility access privileges, but also integrate alarm management based on a wide variety of triggers (door prop, bad card read, etc.). The software allows users to respond rapidly to events as they occur, through proactive notification of alarm conditions via e-mail or phone, or automatic action sequences defined by theuser. The decision represents North Dakota State's desire for integration across multiple areas of security operations, improving situational awareness and accountability on the global campus level.

"We expect the new functionality with CS Access to improve our ability to successfully manage access schedules, controllers, readers, doors, users, and monitoring," said Vance Gerchak, North Dakota State's technology coordinator. "This effort is an important step in making our campus safer and more secure for students, faculty, staff, and guests."

Implementing CBORD's integrated security solutions allows North Dakota State to use technology that provides a "big picture" view of security operations, and the university can enhance the safety of its community.