Fake Cop Robs Armored Truck at Ga. Bank

ROSWELL, Ga. -- Police and the F.B.I. were searching Friday for a gunman who, dressed as a police officer, held up an armored truck.

The uniformed hold-up man waited in the lobby of the B.B. & T. bank in Roswell Thursday for the Brinks truck driver to pick up cash deposits from the bank.

Security video shows the bold bandit greeting the driver and holding the bank's front door open for him. Masquerading as bank security the gunman escorted the driver and the bags of money out to the truck.

The driver told police he asked the gunman how long the bank had been providing security.

That's when the robber pulled his gun and demanded the cash.

The driver handed over the money bags and the gunman escaped on foot.

Police are searching for a six-foot tall man with a muscular build. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a police badge on the front and "Police" in block letters on the back.

He was wearing police-style tactical pants tucked into black combat boots.