GE Security Wins Contract for Checked Bag Screening Systems

GE Security Inc. has won a U.S. Department of Homeland Security order for 80 CTX 9000 DSi systems to scan airline passengers' checked bags.

GE Security is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of General Electric. It won the explosion detection systems, or EDS, contract from the Transportation Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

"The order is the largest TSA order for EDS systems of any kind in the last three years," GE said in a statement last week. "When deployed, these systems will bring the number of GE CTX 9000 DSi units helping protect commercial aviation passengers at airports across the United States to nearly 430."

"All told, approximately 625 GE Security CTX 9000 EDS systems have been ordered by airports around the world to screen checked bags for threats," the company said.

"GE Security is pleased the TSA has again selected the CTX 9000 DSi for deployments to airports around the country," said Dennis Cooke, president, GE Security's Homeland Protection business.

"The 300-plus CTX 9000s already in use by the TSA have proven extremely successful for the nation's airports where they are integrated into baggage handling systems and we're confident that this next round of deployments will be equally well-received," he said.

General Electric said the CTX 9000 DSi system was "recognized for its high performance and operational throughput rate. It is TSA-certified and is designed to integrate with the baggage handling systems -- BHS -- used in fast-paced airport environments."

"The CTX 9000 DSi is the highest operational throughput explosives detection system (EDS) designed for BHS integration," the company said.

"The CTX 9000 DSi system detects potential threats immediately, applying sophisticated computer algorithms to the data collected during the scanning process. As the bag exits the machine, the system renders an automatic decision," GE said.

"When an operator decision is required, sharp CT and standard projection (SP) images accommodate quick and accurate threat resolution. Navigation tools promote fast screening while alarm resolution tools offer different viewing options. As with all CTX systems, the user interface clearly identifies threats through color-coding and symbols," the company said.