Research indicates almost 50 percent growth for IP video

A new report out from MultiMedia Intelligence says there were huge gains in IP and networked video surveillance last year. According to the numbers cited by MultiMedia Intelligence, the market for networked video grew 48 percent in 2007. That's nearly four times the growth rate of the entire video surveillance market (which would include analog cameras, DVRs, and other traditional devices as well as IP-related devices like encoders and NVRs).

Still, author and president of MultiMedia Intelligence Mark Kirstein said that while the market for network cameras was in rapid growth mode, it still remained just a small part of the entire video surveillance market. Additionally, in a report announcing the new research publication, "IP/Networked Video Surveillance: Equipment, Technology & Semiconductors", Kirstein wrote that "the barriers to it overtaking traditional CCTV surveillance will prove enduring."

While Kirstein noted that the move to IP video was indeed "revolutionary" for the industry, he also said it was "over-hyped" and "under-performing" compared to many expectations. Some of that, the report notes, is attributable to the fact that the traditional security dealers and integrators do not have the IP expertise to effectively sell and deliver these networked surveillance offerings.

The report also looked at IP-specific manufacturers (as opposed to companies that sell both analog-style components as well as IP video equipment) are taking on the legacy product manufacturers. That section focused on companies such as Axis, IndigoVision, Nice Systems, Verint, Cisco, EMC and March Networks.

Kirstein's report found decreased growth in the overall DVR market as network video recording -- done with hardware solutions, or via software to traditional networked servers and storage -- becomes the area of high growth.

Additionaly, the report from MultiMedia Intelligence provided research on the semiconductor/chipset market for the network camera explosion, reviewing positioning from companies such as Texas Instruments, Techwell, Analog Devices, Aptina, NextChip, OmniVision, PentaMicro, Pixim and Stretch.

MultiMedia Intelligence's full report is available for sale on their website.