Israel considers biometric database of all citizens

A new bill in Israel could create the world's most ambitious biometric database yet.

According to Israeli news website, and Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz, the government is considering a bill that would user biometric information (digitized fingerprints or digital facial recognition images, for example) in identification cards and passports and would also establish a database of biometric information on every citizen of Israel.

The goal behind the adoption of biometrics in ID cards and passports (much like the current initiatives in the U.S.) is to minimize the likelihood a document could be faked or forged, and the tie-in with a database of biometric information means those without identification could be verified as citizens. For example, noted, that could applicable after a mass disaster.

The database of all citizens' biometric info has generated a high amount of public outcry, with many saying such a database would invade individuals' rights to privacy.