ADI focuses on outdoor perimeter protection

ADI'S Outdoor Perimeter Protection Week, July 28-Aug. 1, wraps up today after an apparently successful week that saw training at all ADI branches. The week saw systems integrators and security dealers come to the retail branches of security products distributor ADI to learn about current intrusion detection technologies being applied for outdoor perimeter security.

On Monday, at the ADI branch in Elk Grove Village, Ill., training was being held that was being similarly replicated by other vendors across the ADI map. At the Elk Grove Village branch, Bob Donovan, corporate representative for ProTech, provided training on the company's Piramid XL2 outdoor motion sensor.

This unit from Nevada-based ProTech ( uses a proprietary dual technology format that combines a stereo doppler microwave sensor with a dual-element passive infrared sensor to prevent false alarms. This configuration is designed to limit false alarms, a concern that is critical to end users and which is necessary for reliable detection in an outdoor environment. Donovan demonstrated various functions of the system, including an internal sensitivity switch which allows the installer to select the distance an intruder must move to initiate an alarm, and a range control switch that can be used to adjust the overall size of the sensor's detection area. In addition, the unit can be configured with video surveillance for visual verification, with the device acting as an activation point for event-driven CCTV systems.

Charles Slaybough, ADI'S assistant branch manager in Elk Grove, also demonstrated the new Tattletale portable alarm, which lends itself to construction sites and copper and wire spools and other portable valuables.

Besides ProTech and Tattletale, ADI had a number of other vendors' products on hand to showcase the multitude of solutions for outdoor perimeter protection. They included DeWalt, Stealth Laboratories, Optex, ElkGuard, Aleph, SunWize, Crow Electronic Engineering, Takex, Terminus and Risco Group, and the event was being held

Security Dealer & Integrator's Peter Harlick said that, like the Elk Grove Village location, the Charlotte, N.C., branch of ADI was also part of the ADI Outdoor Perimeter Detection Week program.

According to Harlick, the branch, which is located on the southwest of Charlotte, saw a steady flow of dealers and integrators during the week. On Thursday, reported Harlick, Alan Mitchell, area manager for manufacturer's representative firm Security Solutions Inc., was on hand to provide perimeter detection training.

Mitchell was showcasing solutions from vendors such as Optex, DeWalt and Everfocus that could be applied to outdoor perimeters and remote environments.

Mitchell said the DeWalt MobileLock GPS locator was one solution that was working very well, especially in the construction industry.

"The price point on this product this week is the best I've ever seen," said Mitchell. "At $359.99 we've noticed an uptick in sales and a renewed interested. And with that price point, the ability to earn recurring revenue, 30 days runtime, five alarm sensors that include vibration, motion, tamper, door, contact, temperature and motion, it makes sense to include this at every job site."

The DeWalt unit also can send alerts to the end user via email, text message or recorded message, either through the DeWalt website or from a central station.

Also on hand was Anna Ferguson, branch manager for ADI Greensboro. Ferguson said the Outdoor Perimeter Protection program had the potential to drive new opportunities for business in this growing area. Ferguson, a 15-year ADI veteran, was also encouraging dealers and integrators to register for the Aug. 12 regional ADI Expo in Columbia, S.C.

While the focus of the week was on outdoor perimeter protection, Lindsay Tarnowski, who has been with ADI for close to two years, said that home stereo and theater systems and video surveillance-related security products were still moving quite well despite the downturn in the economy.