PSA Members and Condortech to Work Together for Government Projects

PSA Security Network, a national network of systems integrators will have additional access to government security projects, PSA Security President Bill Bozeman announced today.

The access comes with a new partnership between PSA Security Network and Condortech Services, which has recently joined PSA. Condortech brings its governmental expertise, GSA contract and HSPD-12 certification to the members of the integrators' network.

In essence, Condortech will serve as a government program manager to help bring PSA member companies in on government security projects through its extensive list of contacts. By entering into the partnership with the PSA Security Network, CTS will be able to partner with the smaller specialized security firms to create bids on government contracts. The move opens many doors to business in the government sector for PSA companies, which often had to bid independently against some of the largest government contractors.

Jorge Lozano, CEO and president of Condortech Services, said the partnership is unique in that it brings smaller firms into the government space.

"The partnership between PSA and CTS will benefit both the federal government and taxpayers because contracts will also go to America's Small Business Security Experts," said Lozano in an announcement of the partnership.

Bozeman said the partnership was especially well-timed to bid on the next round of infrastructure security projects being funded by DHS grants.