Growing Number of VoIP Providers Compatible with Alarm Monitoring

ADT Security Services, a top provider of residential and commercial alarm and monitoring services, reported today that it's seeing more and more Voice of IP companies compatible with its alarm services.

The issue first arose because the new voice of IP phone equipment did not send data signals in the same way that the plain old telephone service provided. Packeting and data routing often created issues with alarm signal transmissions.

Today, however, some 25 IP-based telephone service providers are now compatible with ADT's equipment, and likely many other industry equipment providers.

The companies with compatible networks chiefly are companies that have facility-managed telephone over IP networks. ADT's list of requirements to determine if a phone provider was compatible included:

- Managing and maintaining a physical facilities network with major and minor disaster recovery plans in place that include specific network power restoration procedures
- Offering professional installation of IP-based phone service to preserve primary line seizure for alarm signal transmission
- Having a physical facilities network that helps provide real-time transmission of voice signals carrying alarm formats unchanged.