Home Break-Ins Led to ID Theft

S. Florida identity theft ring broken into homes and cars to steal identities

The Fajardos have been paying for that day ever since.

They spent $600 replacing a broken window on the Explorer, as well as personal items in the purse and applications to reapply for her immigration papers.

"A chain of problems occurred from this," Luis Fajardo said.

The suspects have a lengthy rap sheet.

Clark has been arrested more than a dozen times, state Department of Law Enforcement records show. In 2005, he was sentenced to one year probation for petit theft and three months of jail time for attempted burglary and drug possession.

In 2005, Cross was charged in Plantation with having a phony driver's license. The charges were later dropped. Alvarez has pleaded guilty to petit theft charges in North Miami Beach. And earlier this year, Clark, Williams and Haynes were arrested together for breaking into a building Orlando.

"There will be more federal indictments coming," Jachles said. "They haven't heard the last of us."

<<Miami Herald, The (KRT) -- 07/16/07>>