Port of Houston to deploy situation management solution

Orsus announced this week that the Port of Houston will be deploying the company's situation management software to help integrate data coming in from hundreds of cameras, access points and other security devices used by the Port of Houston Authority (PHA).

The Orsus Situation solution will be used by the PHA at the Port Coordination Center for 24-hour monitoring. The installation is expected to begin in early August 2008.

The Situation system links video management with analytics, visitor management, police dispatch systems and even weather alerts. As an added benefit, the installation is expected to assist the PHA in working with Houston TranStar, a partnership between government agencies related to transportation and emergency management in the Greater Houston area.

"The Port of Houston is home to the second largest petrochemical complex in the world and ranked first in the United States for foreign waterborne tonnage and second in total tonnage, which makes it a priority for the most advanced security solutions," said Gal Oron, President Americas at Orsus. "Orsus has field-proven integrations with other ports and is pleased to be the solution provider of choice to meet the needs of the Port of Houston Authority."

Orsus recently showcased the Situator system at the American Association of Port Authories' Security Seminar and Expo in Houston, Texas, from July 16-18, 2008.