New magazine for counter-terror pros

A new magazine from counter-terrorists skills training firm Security Solutions International is seeking to offer content to counter-terror professionals. "The Counter Terrorist", which is due to launch soon, aspires to be a "premier informational journal for Homeland Security professionals".

The publication's media kit also calls its readers "warriors", and it's not clear whether the publication is geared more toward law enforcement and the intelligence communities or more for the "warriors" found in private security groups like Blackwater or Aegis. The magazine also calls its readers first responders, additionally confusing whether it's aimed at firefighters and police officers or military contractors in locations like Iraq and Afghanistan. The content list seems to be heavily focused on traditional Islamic terrorism, though the magazine also points to plans for content on traditional domestic law enforcement issues like school security and natural disasters.

According to SSI, the magazine will reach almost 10,000 counter-terrorist professionals, and is due out in May or June.

According to an article in media industry publication Folio, however, the magazine is already creating some confusion in the counter-terrorist publishing space, since it borrows naming conventions similar to that of the existing magazine "Counter Terrorism: The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International", which is published by The International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals. According to Folio's report, a cease-and-desist notice was sent by the association to this new publication, claiming that the marketing of the publication was infringing on the IACSP's own efforts.

Nonetheless, according to a media kit published on the magazine's website, the publication is still set to launch in May or June 2008 around the GovSec tradeshow.