Denver Integrator Adds Emergency Incident ID Systems to Portfolio

Systems integrator and security technologies reseller RockWest Technology Group is expanding its services to offer a new suite of homeland-security related systems.

The company announced this week that it would sell and service the Salamander "TRAX" family of products -- systems that provide emergency incident accountability systems.

The TRAX system from Salamander Technologies, which RockWest will be selling in the southwest U.S., is designed to track and identify responders as well as volunteers and victims at a disaster or emergency response scene. The system uses personalized ID credentials, and incorporates cameras for photo ID creation, as well as printers for in-the-field credential creation.

RockWest, which is based in Denver, operates in the American Southwest with additional offices in New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. The company offers security integration services ranging from digital video surveillance to smart cards, access control and badging.