Ackerman Security Systems Buys Impact Security

Atlanta, Ga.-based Ackerman Security Systems announced this morning that it has acquired Impact Security of Dallas, Ga., based in a nearby suburb. That purchase solidifies Ackerman's position as the largest independent security company in Atlanta and North Georgia. Ackerman has over 40,000 clients and delivers both residential and commercial security systems, providing design, installation, sales and monitoring services.

Impact brings 7 years of business to Ackerman, and has over 700 customers.

Jim Callahan, vice president of sales at Ackerman Security Systems, called the move positive for both companies. He also noted that the company has seen a strong growth rate over the last 3 years, calling their growth "one of the fastest in the industry." The growth during that time has been fully organic; this is Ackerman's first acquisition in 3 years.

Mark Floyd, the president and CEO of Impact Systems said that despite a number of acquisition offers in the past from other firms, he hadn't found the right buyer with the experience he sought until Ackerman approached him. Floyd will stay with Ackerman as a senior security consultant.