Industry Association says ATM security remains strong

ATM industry says monetary losses due to fraud in U.S. are miniscule

"Most of what is commonly reported by the press as "ATM Fraud" is actually PIN Fraud (or Debit Card Fraud)," Harmelink stated. " This fraud occurs when criminals obtain counterfeit cards and PINs from skimming of either Point of Sale terminals or databases operated in the retail environment. In these cases, the ATM is simply used as a means to retrieve cash - it is not the point where the cardholder's card number and PIN were stolen or copied and in no way represents a threat to consumers."

In the rare case when ATM fraud does occur, ATM transactions create an electronic audit trail that can provide valuable information in tracking and prosecuting ATM fraud.

ATMIA acknowledges that any dollar lost to fraudulent activity is undesirable and the association will continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies across the globe to fight any and all criminal activities directed at the electronic payment system, of which the ATM is but one part.