Agilence Gets InPlay with License Plate Recognition

Event-based video analytics company Agilence Inc. announced today that it has licensed out InPlay Technologies license plate recognition software.

The software, which was developed by Active Recognition Technologies (ART), and the move allows Agilence to expand its eVision product line to include automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). The ALPR technology will be part of Agilence's eVMetrics video analytics platform.

In a press release regarding the technology license agreement, Agilence's president and CEO John Sullivan pointed toward ALPR uses in the retail market as well as traffic enforcement and management.

"We are excited about how we can provide our customers comprehensive event-based video analytics packages that will substantially contribute to combating organized retail crime, automating Amber Alert monitoring, providing transportation interdiction solutions and more," said Sullivan.

According to Agilence, the InPlay license plate recognition technology is well-suited for dealing with U.S. plates that are manufactured using a wide-variety of fonts, colors and background images. Agilence added that ART's software development staff for the license plate recognition project will join Agilence in a full-time capacity.