IQinVision Launches Partner Training Program

IQinVision, a leading manufacturer of megapixel network surveillance cameras, announced today that it has founded a partner training program that involves a two-day course on IQinVision megapixel cameras, smart cameras and video recording technology. Those who complete the two-day "IQ U" program are listed as the firm's certified partners.

According to IQinVision, certified partner benefits include lead generations from IQ, listing as a certified partner on the IQinVision web page, early notice of IQ product launches, exclusive access to beta technology and training tools, discount programs and more.

IQinVision is hosting the IQ U certification program this year at the following locations:

• July 31-Aug. 1
Eden Resort & Conference Center
Lancaster, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

• Aug. 28-29
San Clemente, California

• Oct. 16-17

• Nov. 13-14
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

• Dec. 11-12
San Clemente, California

More information on the IQinVision Certified Partner program is available at