British: Airport Queues Possible Terrorist Targets

Long queues of passengers at UK airports waiting to go through security and check-in procedures make an "excellent target" for terrorists, Tories warned yesterday.

Shadow Transport Minister Julian Brazier said he feared they provided a "hugely tempting" opportunity for a terrorist wheeling a large suitcase bomb into a departures hall.

He called for screening technology - used to detect illegal immigrants on lorries at ports - to scan some passengers and vehicles at airports.

His warning about the threat came during a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on airport security.

During the debate, which was opened by Labour's Brian Donohoe, MPs praised the work of the emergency services and staff at Glasgow Airport when alleged suicide bombers drove a flaming jeep at the building's entrance. Transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said of the attack at Glasgow: "This demonstrated the form of the threat is not consistent and is constantly evolving."