Vuance to Buy Security Holding Corp.

With the acquisition of Security Holding Corporation (SHC) that was announced Monday, Vuance grabs a strong position in the RFID, security management and access control markets. Security Holding Corporation is currently a subsidiary of Homeland Security Capital Corporation, which operates primarily as an investment firm seeking to consolidate emerging technologies in the security market.

Vuance, which lists its primary business as RFID and incident management response systems, is based in McLean, Va. And Qadima, Israel, has developed a number of asset tracking and credentialing products. They range from the company's PureRF product suite, which uses a combination of RFID management software and hardware to track assets and offer real-time location, to its IRMS line, which was developed by Vuance subsidiary SuperCom. The Incident Response Management System (IRMS) offers control for access, communications interoperability, smart-card technology, and is designed to support the Homeland Security National Incident Management System (NIMS) requirements.

Vuance's CEO Eyal Tuchman said the alignment of the two companies would help link Security Holding Corporation's experience in access control and RFID with Vuance's offerings in the tracking of mission-critical people and supplies.

"SHC has significant experience with RFID- enabled applications and has developed well-proven access control systems that should be synergistic with our PureRF as well as our field-proven IRMS (Incident Response Management System) business initiative with respect to products, sales channels, marketing plans, positioning, logistics and operations," said Tuchman, in announcing the acquisition plans.

Tuchman added that the acquisition may add between $5 million and $6 million to Vuance's revenues during the first year.

The acquisition of a U.S.-based company also gives Vuance, which is strongest in Israel, a larger footprint in the United States. The SHC Access Control and RFID-enabled security solutions, when combined with our growing Incident Response Management Systems (IRMS) and PureRF businesses, should strengthen Vuance's sales, marketing and execution capabilities in the U.S. significantly," said Tuchman regarding the importance of SHC's U.S. presence.

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