XID Technologies supplies facial recognition for dormitory access

XID Technologies, a Redwood City, California and Singapore-based facial recognition company, announced that MultiHub, a dormitory management company that runs the day to day operations of the Soon Lee Dormitory in Singapore, has selected XID's face recognition system to provide access control to the dormitory.

In Singapore, dormitories are often used to house foreign workers working on construction sites. Workers gain access to Singapore's Soon Lee Dormitory by passing through XID Technologies' face recognition system.

MultiHub had previously relied solely on card access control for dormitory entrance, and wanted to incorporate biometric screening for enhanced security to mitigate their security risk. XID's solution was selected because it contains a biometric facial recognition element, which serves as a massive deterrent to people who would otherwise attempt to illegally gain access to the facility.

"We are thrilled that MultiHub has selected XID's system to secure the Soon Lee Dormitory. This is further demonstration of XID's ability to provide secure access control in outdoor environments where traditional face recognition systems have failed," said Mike Holt, XID's CEO.

Soon Lee Dormitory is one of the world's most advanced dormitories, housing 4,500 workers. XID provides 10 lanes of secure access in an outdoor environment with 32 cameras to track and monitor workers' movements. This is one of several outdoor secure access deployments XID has undertaken. XID's face recognition system is the world's only system that functions in outdoor environments where lighting condition variations result in high error rates for traditional face recognition systems.

"XID's face recognition system acts as a massive deterrent for workers who might otherwise attempt to cheat the system by passing access cards to others," said Patrick Khoo, managing director of MultiHub, Soon Lee Dormitory. "XID's system also captures all faces into our log file, enabling every worker to be accounted for, and lessening the security risks of an access card only system. Additionally, XID's system will potentially prevent thousands of dollars of fines which can be handed down after the police conduct surprise checks on dormitory facilities. Fines to dormitory owners can be up to $40,000 if illegal immigrants are found on the premises."