Aircraft Stowaway Cases Show Security Loopholes

Experts say they could be exploited by those with ill intent

Recent incidents


Sept 21, 2007 Russian boy Andrey Scherbakov, 15, hid in the wheel well of a Boeing 737, flying 1,300km over two hours in -50 deg C temperatures from Perm city in Russia to Moscow.

He was found in a collapsed state and suffering from severe frostbite on the tarmac when the plane landed in Moscow.

Sept 6, 2003 Charles D. McKinley, 25, shipped himself in an airline cargo crate from New York to Dallas because he was homesick and did not want to pay for a plane ticket.

He was fined $1US,500 ($2163S), placed on probation for a year and sentenced to four months of house arrest.


June 7, 2005 A man's leg and part of his torso fell from a South African jetliner onto a New York home as the plane prepared to land at John F. Kennedy Airport.

When the plane, coming from Johannesburg, South Africa via Sakar in Senegal, West Africa, landed at JFK Airport, more of his remains were found inside the wheel well of the aircraft.