USA Central Station rolls out new alarm monitoring platform

In March, USA Central Station Alarm Corporation, linked in a new monitoring platform at all three of its monitoring centers. The company unveiled its Stages solution, which is designed to allow the contract monitoring company to follow rules set by dealers who have contracted with the firm.

The Stages solution was deployed at the firms monitoring centers in New York, Connecticut and Minnesota, and according to Mary McPartland-Paratore, the corporate operations manager, the system is designed to allow integration with interfaces like Google maps and allow for embedded emails from security alarm dealers to their customers.

The project was a partnership between USA Central Station and Irvine, Calif.-company Secure Global Solutions. The system was designed to allow for open integration and connectivity to IP communication standards.

On board with the SGS team were alarm industry veterans Steve Keefer, Hank Goldberg, Bruce Weissman and Thom Meyer, and USA Central Station Alarm Corporation saw Bruce Weissman coordinate the project and the monitoring system switchover.

"It is information management, how, when and where the customer wants, needs and expects it," said USA's president Bart A. Didden. "The Stages system is built on modern standards and is able to accept tomorrow's technology as it becomes available in a comprehensive seamless manner without the need for complicated interfaces to make it compatible with older systems."