Cernium Announces Perceptrak(R) for Milestone(TM) XProtect(TM) Enterprise Certification Training

RESTON, Va. , July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Cernium Corporation, the leading developer of video analytics-enabled products, today announced it has launched a certification program for Perceptrak, now integrated with Milestone XProtect Enterprise. The...

RESTON, Va. , July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Cernium Corporation, the leading developer of video analytics-enabled products, today announced it has launched a certification program for Perceptrak, now integrated with Milestone XProtect Enterprise. The program will certify integrators and value-added resellers to sell, design and provide technical support for Perceptrak for XProtect Enterprise.

"Analytics is quickly becoming an essential capability as video surveillance systems expand to higher and higher camera counts," said Melissa Blake , Perceptrak Product Manager for Cernium. "Perceptrak provides essential information about video content that allows administrators and end users to focus and respond only to relevant situations that require attention. Perceptrak for XProtect Enterprise gives users two powerful products in one seamless solution that enables a data-driven approach to video management, distribution, monitoring, storage and query. We are extremely pleased to offer certification training that will result in additional revenue opportunities for our channel partners."

Launched at ISC West in April 2008 , Perceptrak for XProtect Enterprise is available for immediate delivery. It is an open-standards software add in that operates on COTS hardware for maximum design flexibility and seamlessly integrates with the Milestone video management system. Offering tremendous value to both channel partners and end users alike, Perceptrak is ideal both as an add in to existing Milestone systems and as an essential capability for new installations.

"The demand for powerful, easy-to-manage video surveillance capabilities is constantly growing," said Mark S. Wilson , Marketing Director, Americas, with Milestone. "Milestone's open platform enabled Perceptrak to seamlessly integrate with Milestone's powerful XProtect Enterprise video management system, giving users a flexible, affordable solution to address mission-critical video surveillance needs."

The certification program for Perceptrak for XProtect Enterprise will be offered through Security Consultants International, LLC (SCI), a leading industry training organization for IP-video security solutions. SCI was selected based on their experience in the industry and experience delivering the Milestone training and certification program.

"We are very happy to have partnered with Cernium on the Perceptrak for XProtect Enterprise training and certification program," said Keven Marier , Managing Member with SCI. "SCI specializes in training and consulting security professionals in the proper use and application of video security technology, and we are looking forward to educating the industry on how to best integrate Perceptrak for XProtect Enterprise into their operations."

The program will initially be offered in the United States and expand internationally. The next offering is scheduled for August 20-21 in Chicago, IL . To view the entire schedule, program description and to register for the certification program, please visit

About Cernium

Cernium Corporation is leading the way in video analytics with intelligent, intuitive and cost-efficient products for physical security, business intelligence and video content distribution. The company's technology is a generational leap over competing approaches, providing outstanding incident detection performance and greater operational flexibility at a much lower cost. With its roots in the security industry, Cernium has brought advanced video analytics capabilities to the protection of scores of facilities across North America and the United Kingdom . Customers represent a range of industry sectors that include Fortune 100 manufacturers, government, health care, transportation, hospitality, education, entertainment and major cultural institutions. Cernium's product portfolio includes Perceptrak, now integrated with Milestone, Cernium High Density Analytics Server(TM) (HDAS), Cernium Edge(TM), and ExitSentry(R). Cernium is recognized by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan as the North American Emerging Company of the Year for its efforts in developing and promoting real-time, content analytics-enabled products for video surveillance. For more information, visit

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